Heterogeneous Record Linkage Using CAA


  • K. Kumaresan PG Scholar, Department Of Information Technology, Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore - 641 047, Tamil Nadu, India




Record linkage, Data Linkage, Data Matching, Record Blocking, Datamining


Record linkage is a scheme to retrieve the related data’s from more than one table which are not in the same structure and not reside in the same places. Matching techniques facing following problems, (1) no common attribute to match Records between the data tables. (2) Record linkage in online is not an efficient and which provide traffic and may some connectivity failures will occur. (3) Previous techniques will not concentrate on unduplicated error Record (spelling mistakes). Using CAA (Concurrent Attribute Acquisition) and UGK (User Generated Key) approach not all the attributes of the entire remote attribute Records are taken into local site [LS]. Rather only the related attribute Records are taken into LS. So the communication traffic is reduced. Then Local Entity [LE] will be compared with each other Downloaded Remote table Records. Traditional Blocking (Group the record which have relationship from the Data set) to identify the required Records. Misspelled original Record also identified. After this process related Record identified with their identifier and table information. Insert this information on the new table [NT]. Publish NT as a global access Databases.




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Kumaresan, K. (2013). Heterogeneous Record Linkage Using CAA. Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2(1), 39–44. https://doi.org/10.51983/ajcst-2013.2.1.1709