Fibonacci Based Chunks Distribution (FBCD) Scheme For Efficient P2P Interactive VOD Streaming


  • M. Arun PG Scholar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Anna University Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India
  • P. Vaishnavi Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications, Anna University Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.



Fibonacci, Middleware, Chunks distribution, Video on demand


One of the problems faced frequently by users in Video-on-Demand (VoD) streaming is long waiting time for voice and video files to load. This paper focuses on Fibonacci Based Chunks Distribution (FBCD) scheme to efficiently handle interactive VoD operations in peer-to-peer systems. In FBCD, videos are divided into number of chunks and stored at peers’ local storage in a distributed manner. The chunk size is progressively increased to reduce delay and improve performance. The appropriate performance aspects are analyzed with respect to both user-responsiveness and provider system efficiency. In most existing methods, a new client must search for parent peers containing specific segments. However, FBCD uses the properties of middleware server to cache equivalent chunk in peers. A peer can discover and access a neighbor quickly through the middleware. So the client can pick any server without additional searches, since the middleware can monitor the distribution of server loads and client request. This eliminates direct communication between Client and server and therefore Server offline problems are also managed effectively. The proposed scheme achieves quick video display to the end user without any delay and requires fewer server resources for data storage.




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Arun, M., & Vaishnavi, P. (2013). Fibonacci Based Chunks Distribution (FBCD) Scheme For Efficient P2P Interactive VOD Streaming. Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2(1), 28–31.