Innovative Method of Software Testing Environment in Cloud Computing Technology


  • S. Ravichandran Research Scholar in Department of Computer Science, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India
  • M. Umamaheswari Prof. & Dean in Department of Information Technology, RRASE College of Engineering, Chennai, India



D-Cloud, QEMU, Eucalyptus, FaultVM, FAUmachine, IaaS


Various information systems are widely used in information society era, and the demand for highly dependable system is increasing year after year. However, software testing for such a system becomes more difficult due to the enlargement and the complexity of the system. In particular, it is too difficult to test parallel and distributed systems sufficiently although dependable systems such as high-availability servers usually form parallel and distributed systems. To solve these problems, to propose a software testing environment for dependable parallel and distributed system using the cloud computing technology, named D-Cloud. D-Cloud includes Eucalyptus as the cloud management software, and FaultVM based on QEMU as the virtualization software, and D-Cloud frontend for interpreting test scenario. D-Cloud enables not only to automate the system configuration and the test procedure but also to perform a number of test cases simultaneously, and to emulate hardware faults flexibly. In this paper, present the concept and design of D-Cloud, and describe how to specify the system configuration and the test scenario. Furthermore, the preliminary test example as the software testing using D-Cloud was presented. Its result shows that D-Cloud allows to set up the environment easily, and to test the software testing for the distributed system.




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Ravichandran, S., & Umamaheswari, M. (2014). Innovative Method of Software Testing Environment in Cloud Computing Technology. Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 3(2), 34–39.

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