Water Bodies Extraction and Terrain Analysis for Finding Critical Water Scarcity Locations using Elevation Data


  • B.G. Kodge Department of Computer Science, S. V. College, Udgir, Maharashtra, India


GIS, Pattern recognition, DEM, Water scarcity, spatial data


The present study is aimed to create some new methods for extraction of water bodies (Rivers and Reservoirs) and analyze the land formation of terrain using elevation data. The digital elevation models (DEM) are used to extract water bodies and create terrain contours for finding water scarcity locations. Further this work also used some geospatial villages related data to obtain and analyze how many villages are suffering from critical water scarcity problems under the found water scarcity locations. The village’s data also highlights all village’s in which they fell under critical water scarcity regions and facing agriculture and drinking water problems, with respect to their elevation data and available nearby natural water resources.