C-Band Line of Sight Communication for analysis to Compact Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Parasitic Technique


  • Dharavat Ravinayak Assistant Professor,Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Dadi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Anakapalli, Andhra Pradesh, India




Satellite, Microstrip patch antenna, parasitic technique, C-Band, S-Band, Line of Sight Communication


The investigation of microstrip fix radio wires has gained awesome ground as of late. Contrasted and ordinary reception apparatuses, microstrip fix recieving wires have more points of interest and better prospects. They are lighter in weight, low volume, ease, low profile, littler in measurement and simplicity of manufacture and similarity. Besides, the microstrip fix reception apparatuses can give double and round polarizations, double recurrence activity, recurrence spryness, wide band-width, feedline adaptability, shaft checking unidirectional designing. In this paper we examine the microstriprecieving wire, kinds of microstrip reception apparatus, sustaining methods and use of microstrip fix radio wire with their favorable position and detriments over ordinary microwave radio wires.From this paper, design of small Microstrip patch antenna using parasitic technique for range of sight communication is proposed, having hexagonal condition ground plane. The recommended antenna has slots in the patch to obtain wideband. The antenna model is simulated using Finite component method at the rate of recurrence 2. 65 GHz to 4. 57 GHz. The antenna design demonstrates desired features for wireless communication


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