A Survey of Different Steganography Technique using Cryptographic Algorithm


  • Prakhar Agrawal PG Student, Computer Science and Engineering, Institute of Engineering and Science, IPS Academy, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Arvind Upadhyay Associate Professor Computer Science and Engineering, Institute of Engineering and Science, IPS Academy, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India




Steganography, Images, Cryptography, ECDH, RSA, Security, Data hiding, communication Channel


Steganography and cryptography are two major aspects of data security . In this paper we are going to provide the survey of different techniques of LSB based Steganography that used cryptography algorithms to secure sensitive information. Steganography is used to hide data and Cryptography is used to encrypt the data. Although cryptography and steganography individually can provide data security, every of them has a drawback. Drawback associated with Cryptography is that, the cipher text looks meaningless, so the unintended user can interrupt the transmission or make more careful checks on the information from the sender to the receiver. Drawback associated with Steganography is that when the presence of hidden information is revealed or even suspected, the message is become known[1].By combining these two methods we can solve both of the above problem. First we encrypt the data using any cryptography technique and then embed the encrypted text into the image. Steganography is the process which hides the presence of secure data during communication. On the other hand cryptography is encrypting and decrypting of secure data and information with a secrete key so that no one can be understand the message directly.


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