Identification of Virus in Microscopic Image Using Genetic Algorithm


  • N. Senthilkumaran Department of Computer Science and Application, The Gandhigram Rural Institute, (Deemed to be University), Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India
  • R. Preethi Department of Computer Science and Application, The Gandhigram Rural Institute, (Deemed to be University), Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India



Edge Detection, Microscopic, Genetic Algorithm, Image Segmentation


In this paper describes a several techniques of effective edge detection by using image segmentation. The image segmentation provides various techniques to detect the edges on image. The paper mainly focused on edge detection using matlab parameters and solved the many problems. Edge detection techniques have a several type of techniques. We have taken microscopic image, which affects the human body by making diseases through viruses and bacteria’s. Now analyze only about the major techniques: a.) Roberts edge detection, b) sobel edge detection, c) prewitt edge detection, d) log (laplacian of gaussian) edge detection, e) genetic edge detection and f) canny edge detection. We have applied above five techniques which are used in edge detection and got a result on microscopic images. Hence, we scope this paper defines and compares the variety of techniques and demand assures the genetic algorithm provides a better performance on edge detection using microscopic image.


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Senthilkumaran, N., & Preethi, R. (2019). Identification of Virus in Microscopic Image Using Genetic Algorithm. Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 8(S2), 24–27.