Managing Security Risks in Wireless Web Services


  • Alaa Alsaeed Management Information Systems, Bowie State University, United States



Internet, Computers, M2M Services, Cloud Interfaces, WLAN, WEP, System, Wireless Networks, Management, MAC Address


Over the last twenty years, the Internet has become highly interactive and is not merely a static repository of websites, which allows its users to interact proactively. The functions and tasks of the Internet have evolved during this twenty-year period, such that it is no longer a rudimentary collection of websites. The Internet empowers individual users to explore the Internet in an exponentially greater capacity than in years past. In this study, we will consider the issues like security and trust issues in IoT and local cloud interfaces. Additionally, the security, requirements of M2M services and security solutions for the internet are analyzed, and their ineffectiveness is discussed.


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