Analysis of Muscular Paralysis using EMG Signal with Wavelet Decomposition Approach


  • Shubha V. Patel Research Scholar, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, BGS Institute of Technology, B. G. Nagara, Karnataka, India
  • S. L. Sunitha Associate Professor, Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, UBDT College of Engineering, Davangere, Karnataka, India



Paralysis, Electromyography, ALS, Myopathy, Wavelettrans Form, Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP), Random Forest (RF), Gradient Boosting (GB), Nearest Neighbor (NN)


Paralysis refers to temporary or permanent loss of voluntary muscle movement in a body part or region. The degree of muscle function loss determines the severity of paralysis. The muscle function is represented by electrical activity of the muscles. Electromyography is a technique concerned with the analysis of myoelectric signals. EMG allows the determination of muscular activity. EMG signal analysis is performed using the features extracted in time domain, frequency domain and time frequency domain. In this work, the EMG of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Myopathy, and Normal conditions are considered, and the time frequency analysis has been carried out to extract the features using wavelet decomposition approach. The classification of normal and paralyzed condition is carried by four classifier models. The classifier models used are Multi-layer Perceptron (MLP), Random Forest (RF), Gradient Boosting (GB), and Nearest Neighbor (NN) models. The standard data set has been used for the purpose. The classification accuracy obtained for MLP is 80%, for RF is 75%, for GB is 79%, and for NN is 69%. MLP show better classification performance over RF, GB, and NN Classifiers.


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