Importance of Cybersecurity in The Higher Education Sector 2022


  • Kamal Aldin Yousif Yaseen Department of Information System, CEMIS College, University of Nizwa, Nizwa, Oman



Education, Cybersecurity, Threats, Platforms, E-Learning, Policies


Today, we are witnessing the widespread of the digital revolution and its applications in all fields, as the means of networking provided the exchange of information, experiences, and knowledge in all sectors, but with all these positive features, we find that today’s digital world has brought a wide range of risks of its own, such as attacks and malicious programs like viruses, worms, spyware files, etc. and the education sector higher education is not far from these negative influences that hinder the education process and affect its infrastructure and its periphery, including students, teachers, administrative assistants, the environment and teaching methods. For this risk, we need to awareness and cyber security training and adopt a solid cyber security policy in higher education sectors institution in order to protect this vital sector. This research paper will explore the importance of cybersecurity in this sector and provide the strategies that students, faculty, and staff can utilize to promote cybersecurity across higher education institutions.


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