Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology <p>Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology (AJCST) a half-yearly peer-reviewed International Journal promoting the dissemination of original research and technological implementation experiences in the areas of Computer Science, Engineering, and Information Systems.</p> The Research Publication en-US Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology 2249-0701 An Innovative Framework for Integrated Loan Management with QR Code Enhancement <p>This research paper aims at design of an innovative framework scalable and integrated loan management with Quick Response Code enhancement, which will guarantee easy and better-secured loan validation and processing in microfinance banks and other lending institutions. As the number of microfinance bank customers in need of personal loans rises on a daily basis, especially in the post COVID-19 era, management is faced with the complex job of loan application verification in order to correctly determine eligibility for a loan. There is the challenge of coping with fraudulent customers who make false claims with their loan application documentations, sometimes seeking to access multiple loans from more than one microfinance banks and using single collateral security. There is need for a central regulatory agency that links up major lending institutions in a collaborative effort to forestall incidences of multiple loan access using single loan security. Our new model will also forestall activities of some fraudulent bank officials who go as far as granting credit facilities to their friends and family members without following due process and using their privileged positions to obtain unsecured loans for themselves and their relations, sometimes in excess of bank’s statutory lending limits, and in total violation of the provisions of policy of microfinance banking sector. Our new model was designed using the Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology following its high involvement and concentration on user’s viewpoint as well as its ability to change system design on the go based on user demands. Implementation of the new system was done using such development tools as PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and Visual Studio. Basic functionality testing was carried out on the system to make sure all the buttons on every screen works as desired, and to ascertain that the system could forestallincidences of “insider abuse” and that loan approvals are done according to internal and external regulations.</p> Anthony I. Otuonye Perpetual N. Ibe Dominic O. Njoku Irene F. Eze Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology 2022-10-28 2022-10-28 11 2 1 10 10.51983/ajcst-2022.11.2.3317 Design and Development of an Advancing Web Information Stockpiling for Engraved Ontology in User Contours <p>As a version for know-how description and formalization, ontologies are extensively used to represent person contours in Adapted net information gathering. However, whilst representing person contours, many fashions have utilized best expertise from either a Biosphere wide know-how base or a person nearby records. In this article, a customized ontology style is suggested pro expertise illustration and reasoning over user contours respectively. That version absorbs ontological user contours on or after each a biosphere know-how base and person local instance repositories. The ontology model is evaluated by way of evaluating it in opposition to benchmark fashions in internet data gathering. The consequences display that this ontology prototype is a hit.</p> S. Ravichandran K. L. Narasimha Rao Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology 2022-11-16 2022-11-16 11 2 11 15 10.51983/ajcst-2022.11.2.3379