Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology <p>Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology (AJEAT) is a half-yearly international journal devoted to the publication of peer-reviewed original high-quality research papers and review papers in all disciplines of engineering and applied technology.</p> The Research Publication en-US Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology 2249-068X Aerodynamic Analysis of Micro Aerial Vehicle Rotor Blade at Low Reynolds Number <p>The numerical simulation of micro aerial vehicle (MAV) rotor blade aerodynamics is highly challenging in the field of rotor aerodynamics. The aim of this paper is to present a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study on the aerodynamics analysis of micro aerial vehicle rotor blade at low-Reynolds number by means of Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model. The KA152313 airfoil, which is dedicated to mid to small-scale rotorcraft, e.g. MAV is chosen to design the rotor blade. The rotor blade was investigated in three different pitch configurations, which are GP13º, GP12º and GP11º and the aerodynamics characteristics are analyzed respectively. The CFD results of the analysis is used to compare the aerodynamic characteristics, e.g. pressure force, shear force and pitching moment on the chord surface of the rotor blades at different pitch configurations.</p> Md. Kamruzzaman Sushil Nepal Mushfiq Al Arafa Copyright (c) 2021 Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology 2021-11-05 2021-11-05 10 2 1 10 10.51983/ajeat-2021.10.2.2953 Experimental Study on Effect of Addition of Different Salts on Distribution of Aniline between Water and Toluene <p>The aim of this experimental work was to know the effect of addition of certain inorganic salts on removal of aniline from water by using toluene as the extracting solvent. The inorganic salts used were NaCl, KI, and MgCl2·6H2O. The influence of factors such as amount of salt, phase volume ratio, initial aniline concentration in feed-water solution, and temperature on the distribution of aniline was investigated. It was found that addition of 5% NaCl shows an appreciable salting-out effect on distribution of aniline. It was also found that the distribution of aniline was favoured at low aniline concentrations, and a phase volume ratio of toluene to water of little above 1.0. It is also found that the dissociation of salt added plays an important role in aniline extraction and the effect of cation and/or anion as predicted by the Hofmeister series may not be always followed in all cases. The distribution of aniline between water and toluene is found to be endothermic in nature.</p> Shrikant J. Wagh Shaktisingh G. Raulji Sathish Gaddam Copyright (c) 2021 Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology 2021-11-05 2021-11-05 10 2 11 18 10.51983/ajeat-2021.10.2.2947 Fast Implementation of the Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) Algorithm with Robust Packet Data Loss Detection Function <p>Encryption is the process of protecting information from unauthorized parties by converting such information into an unreadable form. Packet data is a method of transferring data, broken into bits called packets which travels over a network. Packet losses occur when packets fail to reach their destination devices as a result of network congestion, faulty routers or as a result of an attack. Encryption is the standard method for making a communication private. In sending a private message to another user, it is first encrypted (termed encipher), the intended recipient alone knows how to correctly decrypt (decipher) the message. There are several algorithms developed for the purpose of encryption which provides data security and integrity. This paper proposes the use of the Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) algorithm to implement a system for encrypting text files of any length (by breaking long messages into valid blocks and encrypting each block) capable of being transmitted using a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Probable primes, 3048 bits in length are generated to be used in the generation of public, private key pairs for encryption and decryption. The proposed scheme is better because the route taken during transmission of data is recorded and packet losses are also checked for during transmission of encrypted files as compared to known state-of-the-art schemes.</p> Alhassan Abdul-Barik Issah Mubasir Alhassan Salamudeen Copyright (c) 2021 Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology 2021-11-05 2021-11-05 10 2 19 24 10.51983/ajeat-2021.10.2.3058 The Cyber Attack on Saudi Aramco in 2012 <p>In recent years, information security has become a corporate priority due tothe large number of cyber-attacks that happen every day. These attacks could cause a regression in economic growth, which makes corporations another reason to defend their system. This paper provides an introduction to Saudi Aramco as well as an overview of its products. Then, the paper examines the Aramco cyber-attack in 2012. Aramco is a massive company with huge facilities that require powerful policies on security. Aramco should implement a Redundant Array of Independent Disks and Intrusion Detection System and review the log files on the server to protect its servers against attacks.</p> Alaa Alsaeed Copyright (c) 2021 Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology 2021-11-05 2021-11-05 10 2 25 28 10.51983/ajeat-2021.10.2.3057 Design and Development of an Enlightening Grid Evidence Jamboree for Modified Ontology in Consumer Outlines <p>As an ideal for understanding portrayal and reinforcement, ontologies are broadly exhausted toward signify consumer outlines inside customized net info amassing.&nbsp; Though, whilst expressive person outlines, numerous fashions have exploited most effective know-how from either an international know-how sordid or a consumer insular data. Inside that article, a customized ontology version is projected pro expertise illustration and intellectual done consumer outlines. That paradigm absorbs ontological consumer outlines from each a global expertise ignoble and person neighborhood example&nbsp;&nbsp; sources.&nbsp;&nbsp; This&nbsp;&nbsp; ontology version is assessed through evaluating it in opposition to yardstick fashions inside net info jamboree. These consequences display that this ontology archetypal is an effective.</p> S. Ravichandran A. P. Babu P. Saravanan Copyright (c) 2021 Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology 2021-11-05 2021-11-05 10 2 29 33 10.51983/ajeat-2021.10.2.3063 A New Viewpoint and Outlook on Aryl Mercaptans as Strong Nucleophiles with Various Chain Length Linked to DNA/RNA and Cadmium Oxide (CdO) Nanoparticles Sandwiched Complex <p>CdO nanoparticles show a strong peak of Plasmon absorption in ultraviolet–visible zone. A strong interaction exists between the surface of CdO nanoparticles and aryl mercaptan compounds. Aryl mercaptan compounds cause to aggregation of CdO nanoparticles linked to DNA/RNA and hence, lead to widening of peak Plasmon of CdO nanoparticles surface at 550 (nm) and emerging a new peak at higher wavelength. In the current project, this optical characteristic of CdO nanoparticles is used to time investigate of interaction between different aryl mercaptanes and CdO nanoparticles. The results were shown that aryl mercaptan compounds with shorter chain length interact faster with CdO nanoparticles. Therefore, a simple and fast method for identification of aryl mercaptanes with various chain length using red shift in surficial Plasmon absorption is presented.</p> Alireza Heidari Copyright (c) 2021 Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology 2021-11-05 2021-11-05 10 2 34 38 10.51983/ajeat-2021.10.2.3073 Review on Preservation of Post-Harvest Vegetables by Using Evaporative Cooling Method <p>Proper storage of vegetables, fruits and food items is necessary in order to maintain their life. The shelf life of vegetables is highly dependent on temperature and humidity in storage place. Cold room and refrigeration facilities are out of budget due to advance technologies and high electricity consumption. Affordable storage facility is highly useful in such conditions. The paper aims at developing low cost, small scale evaporative cooler that operates on a principle of evaporative cooling phenomenon. The developed model has box type of structure having water holding vessel at bottom side. The proposed model has cooling fan arranged for vertical orientation with certain height partial closed as well as medium height between cooling chamber and storage chamber. The fan has been operated at two speed variants namely low speed as well as high speed for getting results at different evaporation rates. Throttling vanes have been provided through the air entering chamber which significantly affects evaporation capacity of the evaporative box. In the given range of 270 minutes of operating time during two time slots i.e.,morning and afternoon. Humiditypercentage increase from 26 to 60 is found through the experimentation while the temperature difference was reduced down to 8 degrees of difference (40 ⁰C to 32 ⁰C) through experimentation. The performance of the developed model was found better in case of throttling with fan speed parameter that includes partial throttling at high speed and medium throttling at low speed.</p> Avesahemad S. N. Husainy Prasad Maruti Sawant Sayeedahmed M. Yusuf Shaikh Om Shashikant Virbhadre Mayuresh Sanjay Tone Copyright (c) 2021 Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology 2021-11-05 2021-11-05 10 2 39 44 10.51983/ajeat-2021.10.2.3097