A Glance on Manpower in Public Library System in Kenya


  • Henry D S Kinya Africa Nazarene University, Nairobi, Kenya


Public Libraries, Public Library Manpower Development


Every public library in the community is unique and different in one way or the other by the community needs and services required by those it services, it should be reflected in distribution of manpower, also posting of the staff of the same job description and qualification is duplication of services and resources. Without diversifying and prioritizing services, duplication can deny users fundamental professional library information services like provision of subject analysis, statistical information and users’ guidance. In assisting information users to access and use not only online information services but also access other websites services the role of public libraries within the information age context is changing from that of information provider to that of service provider and so is the roles of librarians; changing its old-age manual operations of print to print service to that of library networking to facilitate information sharing services and activities fundamentally requires the new dimension of trained manpower in ICT. In this paper manpower development, distribution and qualification in public libraries in Kenya has been discussed.



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