Consortia of Electronic Journals among Veterinary College Libraries in India: A Model


  • U.S. Jadhav Karnataka Veterinary, Animal & Fisheries Sciences University, Bidar - 585 401, Karnataka, India


Consortia Models, E-Journals, Indian Initiatives and Networking, Pricing


The present approach towards partnership, networking, consortia and resource sharing adopted by Indian libraries need radical changes to evolve responsive partnerships in order to achieve best performance in service. The current practices of journal acquisition in most of the veterinary college libraries in India are print based; in which each library is an island with regard to access of information. Moreover, there is wide disparity in the availability and use of information among different universities and colleges. But, consortia based acquisition and electronic desktop delivery of information can eliminate this gulf and increase the access and use considerably. This paper depicts the benefits of library consortia, analyses the present trend in the formation of consortia in India and suggests a new model of library consortia in which all veterinary college libraries could participate. The formation of such an unique consortia under the direction and full support by the ICAR, New Delhi is stressed. This paper proposes to form consortia of veterinary college libraries in India. Also discusses major consortia initiatives of India, elements of resource consortia and proposed model of consortia. To develop these libraries and to put in to more use at maximum extent there is a need of resources consortia of e-journals for the academic benefit.



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