Information Needs and Resource Utilisation by Medical Doctors of Federal Medical Centre Katsina State, Nigeria


  • Suleiman Idris Department of Library and Information Sciences, Federal University, Dutsinma, Nigeria
  • Nafi'u Maharazu Department of Library and Information Sciences, Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina, Nigeria



Information Needs, Resource Utilization, Medical Doctors


This study was carried out to find out the Information Needs and Resource Utilisation by Medical Doctors of Federal Medical Centre Katsina State. In order to achieve this objective, quantitative research method was adopted, whereas survey design was employed for the study. Data were collected from the respondents through the use of questionnaire. A total of seventy six (76) copies of questionnaire were administered to the respondents and seventy two (72) were returned and found useful. All data collected were categorized and presented in tabular forms. Analyses of categorized data were done through simple percentages. Ultimately, it was found that the main types of information sought by the respondents are information to satisfy curiosity and personal interest, information for formal course of study, information for research and business opportunities. Based on the findings of the research, it was recommended that management of the hospital should provide functional library within the hospital premises with adequate and relevant information resources. Secondly, more and reliable internet service should be provided in the hospital so that medical doctors can benefit from this information sources right from their various offices.


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