Electronic Resources Acquisition Policies: Implementation in Some Selected University Libraries in Delta and Edo States, Nigeria


  • Janet Onomeh Ubogu Delta State University Library, Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria




Acquisition, Policies, E-Resources, Implementation, Library, University


The study is concerned with electronic resources acquisition policies: Implementation in some selected university libraries in Delta and Edo States Nigeria. Descriptive research was used for the study. Population of the study consists of all professional librarians in the libraries under study. Data was collected through structured questionnaire. Data analysis was done using frequency counts and percentages. Data collected were tabulated and analyzed using frequency distribution tables and simple percentage. The study was guided with four research questions. The findings of the study revealed that, acquisition policies were highly implemented in the university libraries; and librarians derived great satisfaction from it because it makes their job easy during acquisition. Copyright and lack of ICT skills by librarians are the major problems encountered in acquisition policies implementation. There is therefore, the need to constantly develop acquisition policies and provide up-to-date selection and acquisition that will assist librarians in the acquisition of e-resources.


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