Proposal of a Model for Smart Library Services to Achieve SDG: A Public University Library Perspective


  • Md. Mozammel Bhuyan Lecturer, Institute of Information Sciences, Noakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh
  • Nusrat Jannat Bipasha Student, Department of Information Science and Library Management, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh



Smart Library Model, Dhaka University Library, SDGs, Developing Country


The main purpose of the study is to explore user’s basic concept about smart library at Dhaka University Library (DUL). The more specific aims of the study are to: investigate e-services those are provided by DUL to its users, observe the effectiveness of smart library, propose a smart library model for DUL, identify the problems of smart library at DUL and determine parameters for converting DUL to the smart library. The authors designed a well-structured questionnaire as well as used both online and offline survey method to collect data and retrieved responses were 353. SPSS and MS Excel have been used to analysis data. The study reveals that smart library can meet the user needs and provide necessary information to users according to their demands. The paper also presents a review of DUL services where traditional services are converted into smart library services by using advanced technologies, but the concept of smart library is still unknown to maximum library users. The study also suggests that DUL has to improve service quality, ensure user cultivation and LIS professionals training in order to transfer DUL into smart library.


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Mozammel Bhuyan, M., & Jannat Bipasha, N. (2023). Proposal of a Model for Smart Library Services to Achieve SDG: A Public University Library Perspective. Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology, 13(2), 1–7.