Library Network Security Measures As Determinants of Archives Preservation in Public Libraries in Rivers State, Nigeria


  • Hilda Eno Obi Department of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Education, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria



Library Network Security, Archives Preservation, Library Security Devices, Staff Trainings


This study examined available library network security measures as determinants of archives preservation in public libraries in Rivers state. The descriptive survey design was adopted for this study. The target population of the study comprised 514 library staff drawn from Rivers State library board and staff from Jubilee library Port Harcourt. The sample size for this study was 399 library staff comprising 227 staff from Rivers state library board and 172 library staff from Jubilee library Port Harcourt. An instrument titled library network security measures for archives preservation questionnaire was used for data collection. Face validity of the instrument was ensured by three experts. The instrument consists of 10 items of 2 sections. The instrument yielded reliability coefficients of 0.79 with the use of Cronbach Alpha reliability method. The findings indicated that, among other things, encryption technologies such as firewall protection and secure logins are part of the library’s network security measures that are employed to preserve archives in public libraries in Rivers state, Nigeria. Based on the findings, it can be concluded that public libraries in Rivers state are not lacking security features that would help preserve archives via a networked security system. However, the security measures were not effectively employed because staff members’ security training was not sufficiently available. As a result, it was recommended that more training in security should be provided to staff in all of the public libraries in Rivers state.


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