Higher Education, Libraries, and Nigeria Government’s Vision 20-2020 Project


  • Isaac Echezonam Anyira Western Delta University Oghara, Eelta State, Nigeria


Human Capital Development, Higher Education, Libraries, Nigeria: Vision 20:2020


This study explored the role of higher education and libraries in attaining the vision 20:2020 of the Nigerian Government. The study utilized the purposive sampling method to select 300 educationists and librarians in Niger Delta Region of the country. It was found that Nigerian libraries are greatly under stocked, and internet services are lacking in the library. It was moreover discovered that librarians lack adequate skills to render effective services to support the human capital target of vision 20:2020 of the federal government, and Nigerian libraries are grossly under funded. It was recommended that Nigerian Government should prioritize the development of internet services in all higher institution and public libraries to enable them support the vision; librarians should engage in ICT training; higher institutions in Nigeria should come up with an ICT/library development policy which must include how the library should be funded; and the public and the private sector should come together in partnership to ensure that libraries are adequately funded.



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