Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology <p>Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology (AJIST) is a leading half-yearly peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of original high-quality research papers, survey reports, reviews, short communications, and letters pertaining to library science, information science, and computer applications in these fields.</p> The Research Publication en-US Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology 2231-6108 Awareness and Usage Reference Management Tools and Referencing Styles among Faculty Members of University of Tamil Nadu, India <p>This paper studied about to identify the Awareness and Usage Reference Management Tools and Referencing Styles among Faculty Members of University of Tamil Nadu. The online questionnaires were used to collect the data in the universities among the faculty members and 200 questionnaires were distributed, 189 questionnaires were filled, and returned for usable by the participant and remaining not replied. The responses rate is 95.94.50%. The ‘Female’ faculty members’, 3(1.59%) of them ‘Fully Unaware’, 6(3.17%) of them ‘Slightly Aware’, 18(9.52%) of them ‘Somewhat Aware’, 32(16.93%) of them ‘Moderately Aware’ and 12(6.35%) of them ‘Fully Aware’. And also the faculty members have given first priority to the ‘APA. ‘MLA and ‘Chicago’ are the familiar referencing styles and the second and third preference respectively.</p> M. S. Jegan P. Balasubramanian Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology 2022-10-27 2022-10-27 12 2 1 7 10.51983/ajist-2022.12.2.3104 Research on Funding Agencies in the Field of Mechatronics in Global Scenario <p>The present study aims to bring out the contributions, funding and un-funding publications in the field of Mechatronics in global scenario. The study focuses on country-wise distribution, funding and un-funding in the field of Mechatronics paper publications, type of documents, top funding agencies and top funding journals. Compared to other subjects of science and technology the field of Mechatronics has seen considerably less number of papers being published. Statistics shows that approximately 1% of publications are done in the world as compared to 30 to 35 percent in other fields. The total number of published papers in the said field is3,359 with 46,043 citations. USA shares the highest portion with a total of 413 (12.27%) published papers and 7,157 (15.55%) citations, India stands twenty-fifth with total paper publications of 53 (1.58%) and 693 (1.51%) citations during a period of 20 years from 2001 to 2020. Out of 3,359 papers with 46,034 citations, 1,446 (43.05%) papers with 17,972 (39.04%) citations received funding and the remaining 1,913 (56.95%) papers with 28,062 (60.96%) citations received un-funding.</p> Praveen Hulloli Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology 2022-10-27 2022-10-27 12 2 8 14 10.51983/ajist-2022.12.2.3166 Library User Education as it Correlates Students’ Use of Library Resources in Private University Libraries in Edo State, Nigeria <p>The study examined library user education as it correlates with students’ use of information resources in private university libraries in Edo state, Nigeria. A descriptive survey design was used. Four research questions and one hypothesis guided the study. The population of the study comprised 7400 undergraduate students at the three private universities in Edo state. A simple random sampling technique was used to determine the sample size, which is 891 students, representing 65% of the total population. The study’s sample size was determined using the Taro Yamane sample size formula. The questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. The study’s data were reviewed to see whether there was any internal consistency of reliability, and a reliability coefficient of 0.98 was gotten through the Cronbach Alpha method. The questionnaire was deemed credible based on the coefficient obtained. Data were analyzed with frequency counts, simple percentages, and Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS) version 23 was used to generate the mean and standard deviation while Pearson’s product-moment correlation coefficient was used to test the hypothesis at 0.05 significant level. The findings revealed that the majority of the students used the library information resources daily with textbooks and digital resources being the most commonly used. The study also established that the students have a positive perception of the impacts of library user education on the use of information resources and that no challenges are hindering the effective use of information resources in the libraries. Lastly, the test of hypothesis shows that there is a significant relationship between library user education and student’s use of information resources in private university libraries in Edo state. The positive relationship implied that library user education enhanced students’ use of information resources in the libraries. Based on the findings, the researchers recommended that the university library administrators should regularly plan and enhance library user education training to better meet users’ information demands.</p> Imade Adebayo-Atchrimi Rachael Agina-Obu Kolawole Francis Ogunbodede Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology 2022-10-27 2022-10-27 12 2 15 21 10.51983/ajist-2022.12.2.3279 Inforpreneurship: Opportunities and Challenges for Library and Information Science Professionals in 21st Century <p>The 21<sup>st</sup> century has offered unlimited opportunities to library and information science (LIS) professionals to explore their potentials and engage in productive ventures through the use of Internet and digital technologies. The objectives of this paper was to explore inforpreneurship opportunities that library and information science professionals could venture in the information industry as well as unravel the challenges that might be encountered especially in today’s world of 21<sup>st</sup> century. The opportunities discussed include: information brokerage, information systems consultancy, blogging and advertisement, web development/programming, database designing/distribution as well as internet café / business centre. The study stressed that these opportunities could enable tech-savvy LIS professionals to engage in one or more of these ventures without necessarily waiting for white collar jobs from the government. They could also offer job opportunities to themselves and to others, become self-reliant, as well as prestige associated with the jobs which could ultimately contribute in boosting the economy of the country, reduce unemployment and empower people. Challenges bedevilling LIS professionals from engaging in inforpreneurship as highlighted by this study include: lack of inforpreneurial spirit and fear of competition, lack of requisite skills/expertise, lack of adequate funds/capital, lack of adequate electricity and bandwidth and poor patronage from fellow citizens. Finally, the study recommended encouraging LIS professionals to develop inforpreneurship spirit during their course of study, reviewing curriculums that could inculcate inforpreneurship ideas in students, granting soft loans to graduates who are endowed with inforpreneurship ideas, improving power supply as well as encouraging fellow citizens towards patronising information products and services produced locally.</p> Abdullahi Zainab Mohammed Adamu Abbas Lamido Gora Mohammed Auwal Usman Mohammed Ibrahim Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology 2022-10-27 2022-10-27 12 2 22 28 10.51983/ajist-2022.12.2.3318 Global Scientific Productivity of Top Four Journals of Virology Over Three Decades: A Scientometrics Study <p>Trends in Virology research have been inclined after outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic. The main objective of this study is to identifying and visualizing the scientometric indicators of top four highly productive journals publishing papers on area related to Virology research. The data collected on 5 January 2022 from Web of Science all relevant global publications of Virology research. Then, publications were restricted to top 4 highly productive journals in this field. An Exploratory and descriptive analysis of bibliographic data (number of publication/citations yearly output, growth rate, authorship and collaborative pattern, productive countries) by using Bibexcel, MS Excel and VOS viewer software packages were used. The top ranked journals of virology ranked as Journal of Virology (N= 37205, 51.50%), Virology Journal (N= 15052, 20.83%), Journal of General Virology (N= 10745, 14.87%) and Archives of Virology (N= 9238, 12.79%) respectively. Cross-country comparison reveals that the USA is currently taking the leading role, followed by the UK, Germany &amp; Japan and China is a newcomer with potential contributions to make in this research area. The present study offers important quantitative information on top journals of Virology. In addition, researchers are increasingly investigating the intellectual structures of disciplines by using various bibliometric techniques.</p> Vishakha Sankar Sarangapani Ramaswamy Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology 2022-10-27 2022-10-27 12 2 29 40 10.51983/ajist-2022.12.2.3345 The Influence of ICT Competencies on Job Performance in Nigerian University Libraries <p>The study looked at the impact of ICT skills on librarians’ job performance in university libraries in Nigeria’s southeast. A descriptive research design was used for the study. The population of the study included 235 librarians from university libraries in southeast Nigeria. For the study, the total enumeration sampling technique was used. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data from respondents. The findings revealed that librarians in South-East Nigeria are above average in terms of ICT competence in university libraries. They also use ICT to post new problems, carry out current awareness tasks, and perform user education tasks. It was also stated that ICT has improved the services provided by librarians while decreasing creative activities in university libraries. Poor funding, insufficient ICT training, insufficient professional manpower to conduct in-house ICT training, LIS curriculum not properly structured in line with current ICT realities, insufficient ICT implementation and planning, and other issues have hampered librarians’ acquisition of ICT skills in university libraries. The study recommended among others that adequate funding be allocated for the training and retraining of librarians in the use of ICT, that training on network-based services, database management/searching, QR Code services, and web design be organized for librarians to boost their competencies, and that the use of ICT for task execution be adequately incorporated into the curriculum of library and information science to expose young professionals to the prospects of the use of ICT.</p> Janet Onomeh Ubogu Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology 2022-10-27 2022-10-27 12 2 41 46 10.51983/ajist-2022.12.2.3350 Examining Information Seeking Behaviour among Students in Selected Senior High Schools in Greater Accra Region, Ghana <p>This study attempted to explore information-seeking behaviours among selected senior high school students in Accra Metro in the Greater Accra Region. Among other things, the study probed into the sources of information, how they evaluate information sources, how they affect their academic lives and other relevant issues. The study used a quantitative research design to collect data. Specifically, a cross-sectional survey was used to collect data by administering a questionnaire to the study participants. A sample size of one hundred and twenty (120) students was selected. The sampling technique used to select participants was convenience sampling. The data were analysed through Friedman’s test. Findings show that the traditional source remains a dominant source of academic information seeking among the students. Majority of the respondents mainly depend on their teachers and the materials provided by their teachers for academic information. Libraries constituted the least preferred source of seeking academic information. However, the students demonstrate a strong sense of resilience in their information-seeking behaviour. The findings from the study make several contributions to both literature and practice. Among others, the study probes into the sources of information, how they evaluate information sources to understand how information-seeking behaviours affect their academic lives. Again, the findings from the study also contribute to building the literature on information seeking in general and for academic purposes in particular, especially among adolescents.</p> Silas Adjei Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology 2022-10-27 2022-10-27 12 2 47 54 10.51983/ajist-2022.12.2.3351