About the Journal


Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology (AJIST)

Editor:          Dr. Niran Adetoro
Print ISSN:  2231-6108
Frequency:  Half-Yearly

Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology (AJIST)  is a refereed Multidisciplinary International Journal on Library and Information Science publishing in India. This Journal encompasses all branches of Library and Information Sciences and its sub-disciplines like Library Management; Information Systems & Services, Information Processing & Retrieval; Information Sources & Services; Community Information System, Scientometrics & Informetrics, IR Theory, Knowledge Organization; Information processing & retrieval, Classification, Preservation & Conservation, Information Management, Library classification, Information sources, Systems and Services, Computer Application in Library; Digital Library; Information Systems; Bibliographic Control, etc.

All papers are peer-reviewed and newly selected panels of international referees have been appointed to ensure that review is done rapidly and to the highest standards. Special topics will provide accounts of research, written periodically at the invitation of the Editorial Board by Library Professionals under the direction of Editor-in-Chief.