Problems and Prospects of Self Help Groups Products Marketing in Virudhunagar District


  • S. Swami Doss Associate Professor in Commerce, Pasumpon Muthuramalingathevar College, Melaneelithanallur, Tirunelveli - 627 953, Tamil Nadu, India
  • S. Manjula Devi Ph.D.Research Scholar, Manonmaniam Sundaranar, Tirunelveli - 627012, Tamil Nadu, India



Self-help Groups, Products Marking


Today Self Help Groups (SHGs) are involved in multifarious economic activities with substantial success and face many marketing problems. With a view to analyse the marketing problems of Self Help Groups products and marketing strategy adopted by Self Help Groups, the researcher has made an attempt to study this area. For the purpose of this study, primary data collected with the help of the questionnaire, the relevant secondary data collected form various sources like Books, Publications, Journals , Periodicals, Reports, Newspaper and Internet. Based on relevant primary and secondary data Percentage Analysis, Hypotheses, Garret ranking and Weighted Arithmetic Mean used to findout socio-economic characteristics of women SHGs members in Virudhunagar district and examine reasons for selecting marketing and the factors influencing the marketing problems of SHGs products. The study found reasons and factors influencing marketing problems. These findings may be of use to SHGs to know the need of update knowledge and marketing strategy and providing suggestions and recommendations for improvement. The study conclude that the government must take necessary measure to improve their conditions through proper training and contribute for their development and for the progress of the district, state and nation and also the SHGs members should be able to withstand all risks for becoming efficient marketers.


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http://www.tamilnadu women org. com





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