Work Life Balance among Women Academician with Reference to Colleges in Chennai


  • S. Saranya Assistant Professor, Department of HRM, Bhaktavatsalam Memorial College for Women, Chennai - 600 080, Tamil Nadu, India
  • A. Gokulakrishnan Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Sakthi Mariamman Engineering College, Chennai - 602 105, Tamil Nadu, India



Work-life Balance,, Work/life, Women Academician, Imbalance, Depression, Psychological stress


Career women are challenged by the full-time work and at the end of each work-day in a private Educational Institution they carry more of the responsibilities and commitments to home. Majority of women are working 40-45 hours per week and 53% are struggling to achieve work/life balance. Women reported that their life has become a juggling act as they have to shoulder multiple responsibilities at work and home. Management of educational institutions need to be conscious of this status of working women and periodically review the status. They can create supportive environment to help these women achieve work life balance. This report highlights the issues connected with work life balance of women in an educational institution and the factors that determine work life balance. Questionnaire surveys were personally administered and data was collected from some of the women Academician from colleges in Chennai. Tests for descriptive statistics, factor analysis, ANOVA, Friedman test were employed to test the hypotheses and answer the research questions. The results revealed that work- life balance is explained by imbalance which impacts depression and psychological stress amongst the female faculty. Besides, work-life balance and Imbalance exert negative indirect effects on the one’s work life. Additionally, imbalance is strongly explained by depression, and depression is predicted by work-life balance the current study has a few limitations that must be stated. First, the research was conducted in only a few Colleges in Chennai as it’s difficult to collect data from all the Colleges. Consequently, its findings are not applicable to other industries in the country. Second limitation was that this study was carried out within a short time frame with limited resources. This study contributes in two ways. First, it also provides insight into the importance of work life Balance, Imbalance, Depression, Psychological stress among female Academician in Chennai. Second, this study provides evidence of the relationship between work-life Balance, Imbalance, Depression, Psychological stress.




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Saranya, S., & Gokulakrishnan, . A. (2013). Work Life Balance among Women Academician with Reference to Colleges in Chennai. Asian Journal of Managerial Science, 2(2), 21–29.