The Impact of Service Quality and Price on Customer Satisfaction – A Preliminary Study of a Mall and its Customers in Bangalore


  • B. N. Mallikarjuna Research Scholar,Seshadripuram Evening Degree College,Bangalor - 60 020, Karnataka, India
  • M. L. Ashoka Faculty, DOS in Commerce, University of Mysore, Manasagnagothri, Mysore - 570 006, Karnataka, India



Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, Service Quality


India’s retail and logistics industry, organized and unorganized in combination, employs about 40 million Indians 3.3% of Indian population The typical Indian retail shops are very small. Over 14 million outlets operate in the country and only 4% of them being larger than 500 sq. ft. in size. India has about 11 shop outlets for every 1000 people. Vast majority of the unorganized retail shops in India employ family members, do not have the scale to procure or transport products at high volume wholesale level, have limited to no quality control or fake-versus- uthentic product screening technology and have no training on safe and hygienic storage, packaging or logistics. The unorganized retail shops source their products from a chain of middlemen who mark up the product as it moves from farmer or producer to the consumer. The unorganized retail shops typically offer no after-sales support or service. Finally, most transactions at unorganized retail shops are done with cash, with all sales being final. But there are only few Classes of people who go to Mall for their products, to meet the necessity of living in cities. Most of the people in our country occasionally go to the Mall to enjoy ethnic and to show off their life style. The main purpose of this study is to identify some key drivers of customer satisfaction on Mall services. The study covers the opinion of Mall goers in Bangalore city. This Paper is based on the preliminary study. Primarily, we contacted with fifty customers for their valuable opinion regarding Mall services in Bangalore. All the fifty customers gave their spontaneous response in this regard. Chi-square test has been applied for testing hypothesizes by using SPSS software. This study aims to link some factors of service quality and price fairness of Mall with the customers’ satisfaction. This study is to find out that customers of Mall have negative impression about product and service quality fairness, price fairness, staff’s service, environment of the Mall, image of the Mall and loyalty of the Mall. The study suggests emphasizing on those critical issues to attract new customers and retain existing customers.




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Mallikarjuna, B. N., & Ashoka, M. L. (2013). The Impact of Service Quality and Price on Customer Satisfaction – A Preliminary Study of a Mall and its Customers in Bangalore. Asian Journal of Managerial Science, 2(2), 1–9.