Management Skills for Library Professionals in the Digital Era


  • Komalla Indrasena Reddy Librarian, Warangal Institute of Technology & Science, Warangal, Telangana, India
  • M. Rathan Jyothy In-change Librarian, University Library, Satavahana University, Karimnagar, Telangana, India



Management, Library Professional, Management Skill, Professional skills


The paper discusses the management skills for the library professionals in the present scenario. The main objective is to highlights the managerial skills for practicing library professionals. Information management is a cycle of processes that support the organization’s learning activities: identifying information needs, acquiring information, organizing and storing information, developing information, distributing information, and using information. An analysis of each of these processes suggests new strategies for maximizing the value of information in organizations, and for a reinvention of the roles of information professionals, be they librarians, information providers, information technologists, or information scientists. It is also discusses the functions of library management, how it is benefited to library professionals. It is also discussed that a library professionals who have the managerial skills perform and maintained library.




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Reddy, K. I., & Rathan Jyothy, M. (2014). Management Skills for Library Professionals in the Digital Era. Asian Journal of Managerial Science, 3(2), 36–39.