Employee Attitude towards Reforms in the Insurance Sector: Gender Perspective


  • K. Latha Assistant Professor, SCSVMV University, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India




Employee attitude, shift, reforms, performance


The attitudes in individuals are a result of observational learning from their environment which may be positive, negative or neutral. The employee attitude is important in the study of organization behavior since it helps to redict the work behavior and makes them to adapt to their work environment. The insurance industry has moved into competitive and exciting times with the arrival of private players in the market. This has paved the way for many reforms in order to break the competition. The study focuses on Employee Attitude towards reforms in the Insurance sector considering the various dimensions of employee attitude and its influence in the job performance. The dimensions of employee attitude are Nature of reforms, Interest level for reforms, Attitude towards the job, Impact of work culture, Effectiveness of attitude shift in job satisfaction, Effectiveness of training in employee attitude, Organization citizenship behavior, Management inducing work mood, Interpersonal relationship & Management concern for employees. The respondents involved in the study are selected from the Insurance sector (Public & Private Companies).The analysis is made on gender perspective, where the male & female employees attitudes are evaluated towards the job performance. The dynamic environment is primming up with several reforms day by day. The employee has to be prepared to show enthusiasm in accepting the reforms and apply in practice.


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