Social Media Communication: Influencer in Apparel Brand Selection


  • Manish Singh Rajput Marketing Consultant, A V Space, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Shubhangi Walvekar Professor, MBA Department, PES’s Modern College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, India



Social Media Communication, Online Advertising, Apparel Brands, Consumer Perception


Apparel brands have been utilizing social media marketing to engage with prospects and thereby influencing sales for few years in the past in India. Quality content competitions and automation in social media advertising has discovered many marketing methods to promote a brand on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and YouTube. Companies are revolutionizing the way they interact with customers by adopting social media as platform that has become an important aspect in marketing mix. The findings presented in this study conclude that social media communication cannot be implemented in isolation without extending it with other forms of traditional advertising channels even though; social media is more effective than some of the traditional advertising channels. Using social media for marketing of apparel brands has gained importance in the success of any effective online marketing campaign coupled with creativity in content, design and unique style to help brand stand out and differentiate from competitors. This research study has concluded that marketers need to focus on directive appearance on social media with interesting, catchy, entertaining, and appealing content as consumer apparel brand selection is dependent on their perception, quality and frequency of social media communication.


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