A Study on Investment Behaviour and Attitude of Women Investors of Bangalore, Karnataka


  • R. Ganapathi Assistant Professor, Directorate of Distance Education, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Varsha Madhavan Research Scholar, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India




Investment, Women Investors Savings, Financial Market


Investment is one of the pre – eminent concern of every single individual investor as the small savings of today are to meet the future expenses of tomorrow. Considering the survey over 120 respondents from Bangalore City among women, this paper attempts to study the behaviour and attitude of investment based on the socio-economic profile, awareness and preferences and financial literacy over various investment avenues that are available in India. The study was conducted during the pandemic period from March to July as many of the women investors resulted in unemployment that affected their income, earnings and savings. Fort the study the data was collected using structured questionnaires. The result showed that most of the women investors belongs to a less age group as they are into a working class and to which most of them are comfortable in traditional mode of investment such as secured deposits. The study also revealed investment in stock market is bit sceptical as it involves high risk and uncertainty. The result also says the psychological behaviour of Indian women as they are fond of bullion and investing in bullion metals is quite attractive and low risk. From the study point, it will help to explore and expand knowledge and identify the best avenue to invest and create savings for the better future in the field of personal finance and pandemic recession.


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