Designing a Questionnaire for a Research Paper: A Comprehensive Guide to Design and Develop an Effective Questionnaire


  • Hamed Taherdoost University Canada West, Vancouver, Canada



Questionnaire, Academic Survey, Questionnaire Design, Research Methodology


A questionnaire is an important instrument in a research study to help the researcher collect relevant data regarding the research topic. It is significant to ensure that the design of the questionnaire is arranged to minimize errors. However, researchers commonly face challenges in designing an effective questionnaire including its content, appearance and usage that leads to inappropriate and biased findings in a study. This paper aims to review the main steps to design a questionnaire introducing the process that starts with defining the information required for a study, then continues with the identification of the type of survey and types of questions, writing questions and building the construct of the questionnaire. It also develops the demand to pre-test the questionnaire and finalizing the questionnaire to conduct the survey.


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