Asian Journal of Managerial Science 2021-08-05T10:34:02+0530 Dr.K.S.Shivraj Open Journal Systems <p>Asian Journal of Managerial Science is a half-yearly, Double-Blind Peer-reviewed, scholarly journal that publishes scientific research on the latest developments and practices of management science, emphasizing modeling, optimization, computation, and data analytics for identifying and solving management problems, making business decisions, and managing risks in complex management systems.</p> A Study on Occupational Stress among Nurses in Erode District, Tamil Nadu 2021-06-26T14:21:03+0530 R. Gopinath A. Chitra R. Kalpana <p>Nursing is considered one among the stressful professions. Over workload inadequate felicities, and sometimes the profession itself would be the cause of the stress to the Nurses. The professional stress of the Nurses creates so many adverse effects and creates negative effects to the persons who depend on the Nurses as the Occupational Stress reduces their concentration in medication. These made this study as essential one. Weiman Occupational Stress Scale was used to construct questionnaire to collect the data from Nurses and required statistical tools were used to analyses the relationship of stress causers with demographic factors and the impact of stress on the physical and mental health of the respondents. The results of the study were found that the Nurses were confronting high level of Occupational Stress during the period of Lockdown. The main stressors were over workload, in adequate felicities, fear of getting affected by the Corona virus and inadequate quality time with family. The demographic factors have significant relationship with the causes of Occupational Stress and the impact of Occupational Stress on the physical, emotional and Psychological state of Nurses is also immense. So enough measures have to be taken to moderate the stress level of Nurses as it is required for Nurses themselves and the patients depending them.</p> 2021-05-15T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2021 Asian Journal of Managerial Science A Perspective Study of Women Micro-Entrepreneurs in the Rural Areas of Osun State, Nigeria 2021-06-26T15:49:03+0530 V. Karthihai Selvi S. Muthupandi <p>The socio-economic contributions of rural-women entrepreneurs in many countries have not been properly captured in the right perspective. Consequently, the economic potentials of this category of rural dwellers have been underutilized. This empirical study highlights some salient features of these entrepreneurs and their microenterprises. Their demographic characteristics as well as motivation factors, among others, were collected from a purposive sample of one hundred- and fifty-women micro-entrepreneurs from five rural areas in Aiyedire Local government Area (LGA) of Osun state using structured questionnaires. The interview technique, alongside a consideration of relevant extant literatures was also utilized to increase the richness of the data obtained. The information obtained in the survey was analyzed using simple descriptive statistical tools with the support of the computer statistical software SPSS 14.0.In conclusion, the women micro-entrepreneurs make significant contributions to the socio-economic well-being of their families, the rural communities as well as the country at large. It is recommended that for such contributions to be more substantial, the entrepreneurial capabilities of these women need to be further enhanced through gender specific supports that are rural friendly.</p> 2021-05-15T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2021 Quality Management of Islamic Educational Institutions Service: A Study of Customer satisfaction analysis in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Al-Husna Ciledug Tangerang City 2021-06-26T15:54:04+0530 Imam Mashed <p>Management is a staple component that cannot be separated from Islamic educational institutions. Without management, the purpose of the institution cannot be realized optimally, effectively, and efficiently. Problems in educational institutions, usually dealing with the service to the customers of Islamic education. This research is a qualitative research aimed to know about planning, organizing, implementation and evaluation of the quality management of Islamic education services. This research method uses quantitatif approach, in the process of data collection is carried out in four types of data collection techniques, namely observation, interview, documentation, and questionnaire. The results of the calculation of customer satisfaction of Islamic education, in order to get a satisfaction index of 71% of the services provided by Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Al-Husna Ciledug, so that it must make improvements in the quality of service, this is because in the calculation of the overall servqual gap value still shows a negative value of -0.71 to the service provided by Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Al-Husna Ciledug. Improvement of service quality is carried out on attributes that have the highest gap. The purpose of improving the quality of service so that the satisfaction of parents as customers of Islamic education can be accommodated.</p> 2021-05-15T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2021 Dynamics Affecting Career Choice: A Drift in the College of Business and Accountancy Campaign Plan 2021-06-26T15:57:41+0530 Kingie G. Micabalo Jesszon B. Cano Ryan D. Montilla June Ace P. Navarro Edwin S. Compra <p>Marketing campaigns maintain consistency among advertisements, promoting a unified brand message across all platforms. This consistency helps create a strong brand identity and voice. The examination decided the degree of the senior high school understudies' impression on the variables influencing their career decision as to personal factors, peer factors, family factors, and school factors. There are 200 respondents from the Senior High department using stratified random technique. Frequency and simple percentage, Weighted Mean, Chi-Square Test of Independence, were used to analyzed and interpret the data accumulated. The study revealed that personal factors, peer factors, and school factors are the most common perception in career decision making. At the same time, BSED in English, Accountancy, and Nursing are the most preferred courses. The study further revealed a statistically significant relationship between academic track and the students' perception on the factors that affect career choice. There is also a statistically significant relationship between personal factors, school factors, and the respondents' most preferred courses. The study concluded that senior high school students' must be guided to achieve a good decision pursuing courses offered by the Business and Accountancy department. A campaign program is inevitable to realize the set objectives higher and to prepare for future student encounters.</p> 2021-05-15T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2021 Impact of Foreign Fund Flows on Volatile Indian Stock Market 2021-06-26T16:06:19+0530 Monojit Dutta Amalendu Bhunia <p>This study examines the impact of foreign funds flows in terms of FDI and FPI on Indian stock market. Foreign fund flows in and out of Indian stock markets are now an ample portion of the market activity because FDI influences the growth directly and FPIs investment affects the growth indirectly by improving equity market performance of the host country. This study is based on yearly time series data for the period from 1992-93 to 2019-20. While analysing the data, descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, ADF unit root test, co integration and Wald test have been used. There is a positive relationship of FDI and FPI with Sensex. The volatility of Sensex is influenced by prior volatility and foreign fund flows. The Johansen co integration test results indicate that all the variables have a long-run relationship of the same order. The Wald test results confirm that there is a significant short-run causal relationship of FDI and FPI with Indian stock market. These findings suggest that volatility of Indian stock market and foreign flows have increased over the period of study.</p> 2021-05-15T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2021 Impact of Employee Grievance Identification Strategies on Job Performance with Special Reference to Info Park and Techno Park, Kerala 2021-07-28T09:33:30+0530 M. Dhanabhakyam P. Monish <p>Employee grievance management is considered as the most important aspects of every organization. These grievances may arise from working conditions, health and safety, performance appraisal, relationship with superior and subordinates, training and development activities and personal aspects. Some of the psychological and behavioral aspects are also leads to employee grievances. Grievances are not complaints. The registered complaints or complaints followed formal structure are known as grievances. IT industry faced many challenges over years. Talent management and change management issues, performance management and digitalization are some of the key areas. Hence lot of grievance is filed by employees related with these aspects also. Hence a better grievance management system is essential for every organization which significantly contributes towards job commitment, job involvement, job attachment, productivity, and morale. This paper tries to prove the relationship between various grievance management techniques with job performance of employees in Techno Park and Info Park in Kerala.</p> 2021-05-05T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2021 Study on Consumer Perception and Purchase Behavior of Computer in Salem District, Tamil Nadu 2021-07-30T14:56:23+0530 A. Chitra R. Gopinath <p>Computer is the integral part of every individual’s life in present era. That too in present scenario everybody needs their computer to carries over their daily operations. This increased need of computers need the customer’s opinion and factors influencing the decision on computer purchase. This paper elucidates the consumer’s behavior and perception during computer purchase in Salem district. The study has conducted with the objective of analyzing the perception of consumer during computer purchase and the factors influencing the computer purchase, and to suggest the factors to be considered while marketing the computers. The list of computer users is obtained from various sources and 300 samples were selected for this study based on stratified random sampling technique with equal weight age to each statra. The data was collected by send structured questionnaire to the customer’s email address which is collected from various selling outlets. The collected data were analyzed using descriptive analysis and chi squire analysis. Analysis explains certain demographic factors have influence on the perception on computers and family and other close circle, monthly income, occupation are also has role in determining the purchase. Even though we have tailor made computers, branded one is the choice of the customer that too the customers prefer buying in stores rather than online purchase.</p> 2021-05-15T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2021 A Study on Investment Behaviour and Attitude of Women Investors of Bangalore, Karnataka 2021-08-05T10:34:02+0530 R. Ganapathi Varsha Madhavan <p>Investment is one of the pre – eminent concern of every single individual investor as the small savings of today are to meet the future expenses of tomorrow. Considering the survey over 120 respondents from Bangalore City among women, this paper attempts to study the behaviour and attitude of investment based on the socio-economic profile, awareness and preferences and financial literacy over various investment avenues that are available in India. The study was conducted during the pandemic period from March to July as many of the women investors resulted in unemployment that affected their income, earnings and savings. Fort the study the data was collected using structured questionnaires. The result showed that most of the women investors belongs to a less age group as they are into a working class and to which most of them are comfortable in traditional mode of investment such as secured deposits. The study also revealed investment in stock market is bit sceptical as it involves high risk and uncertainty. The result also says the psychological behaviour of Indian women as they are fond of bullion and investing in bullion metals is quite attractive and low risk. From the study point, it will help to explore and expand knowledge and identify the best avenue to invest and create savings for the better future in the field of personal finance and pandemic recession.</p> 2021-05-15T00:00:00+0530 Copyright (c) 2021