Asian Journal of Managerial Science 2022-04-25T00:00:00+00:00 Dr.K.S.Shivraj Open Journal Systems <p>Asian Journal of Managerial Science is a half-yearly, Double-Blind Peer-reviewed, scholarly journal that publishes scientific research on the latest developments and practices of management science, emphasizing modeling, optimization, computation, and data analytics for identifying and solving management problems, making business decisions, and managing risks in complex management systems.</p> A Study on Entrepreneurial Interests of Level Two Students 2022-03-03T03:44:50+00:00 Suganthi Diana Asiravatham Nor Aishah Buang Norasmah Othman <p>The attitudes and skills in applying entrepreneurial values by Design and Technology (RBT) teachers are very important in attracting students’ entrepreneurial interests. This study was conducted to examine the entrepreneurial interests of level two students towards the implementation of entrepreneurship teaching and learning by RBT teachers based on two elements, namely attitudes and skills in the application of entrepreneurial values. The research design is descriptive, while the research method is quantitative, and data were analyzed using SPSS 26.0 software. The sample of this study was selected using the simple random sampling technique. A total of 86 teachers who teach RBT subjects and 59 level two primary school students were selected. The researchers used a questionnaire instrument to collect the data in this study. Descriptive analysis was used to identify the attitudes and skills in applying entrepreneurial values among teachers who teach entrepreneurship topics in RBT subjects towards the entrepreneurial interests of level two students as well as to identify the entrepreneurial interests of the level two students. Correlation analysis was also used to identify the relationship of teachers’ attitudes and skills in applying entrepreneurial values with the level two students’ entrepreneurial interests. The results of this study can give a true picture of the entrepreneurial interests of level two students along with the attitudes and skills in applying entrepreneurial values among primary school teachers in the district of Rompin, Pahang. The findings show that students’ entrepreneurial interests in the implementation of entrepreneurship teaching and learning are at a high level with a mean score of 4.77, followed by the mean scores of 4.83 and 4.69 for teachers’ attitudes and teachers’ entrepreneurial value application skills, respectively. The researchers propose that further studies diversify the research instrument by using in-depth interviews or focus groups with teachers to obtain students’ views and perceptions of entrepreneurial interests.</p> 2022-04-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Managerial Science Designing a Questionnaire for a Research Paper: A Comprehensive Guide to Design and Develop an Effective Questionnaire 2022-02-24T05:34:43+00:00 Hamed Taherdoost <p>A questionnaire is an important instrument in a research study to help the researcher collect relevant data regarding the research topic. It is significant to ensure that the design of the questionnaire is arranged to minimize errors. However, researchers commonly face challenges in designing an effective questionnaire including its content, appearance and usage that leads to inappropriate and biased findings in a study. This paper aims to review the main steps to design a questionnaire introducing the process that starts with defining the information required for a study, then continues with the identification of the type of survey and types of questions, writing questions and building the construct of the questionnaire. It also develops the demand to pre-test the questionnaire and finalizing the questionnaire to conduct the survey.</p> 2022-04-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Managerial Science Financial Disclosure Practices of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh: A Compliance Study 2022-03-05T05:48:09+00:00 Zarin Tasnim Rahman Appel Mahmud <p>The study is based on analysis of compliance of prevailing accounting standards for the Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh. This paper empirically analyzed the performance of disclosure in compliance with IFRS 7. 6 listed private banking companies taken as sample. To fulfil its objective, the annual reports and documents of all the sample banks are examined and obtained data from surveys. Since all of them are required to comply with the standard of IFRS 7 to disclose relevant financial information to uphold the stakeholders’ interest, the extent of deviation from the standards in terms of disclosure practice is also examined. The study found that average compliance of the standards is 72.77% by the banks. The highest rate of compliance found from individual compliance status of those companies is 80% with a negative deviation from average. However, the practices of disclosure in reporting are considerably good. Therefore, it is recommended that the regulatory authority and central bank of Bangladesh should mandate the compliance of IFRS 7 for disclosure in financial reporting.</p> 2022-04-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Managerial Science Farm Size and Agricultural Productivity in the Low Hill Zone of Himachal Pradesh: A Study 2022-03-09T10:28:29+00:00 Sikander Kumar Kishor Kumar <p>The relationship between size of holding and productivity has been the subject of study since the result of farm management investigations. The present paper also makes an attempt to examine the relationship between operational holding, gross value of output and value of major inputs used in the production of selected field crops. In addition to this, net returns across different farm sizes have also been examined. The results obtained from the study pointed out that there exists inverse relationship between the operational holding and productivity on maize crop, whereas, constant productivity relationship was observed on paddy and wheat crops. When all these crops were taken together, inverse relationship between the two-hold true. In respect of profitability, only small farmers are able to convert to their output advantages into net profitability by taking all these crops together. The important policy implications of the analysis is that consolidation of land holdings, formation and effective implementation of a development strategy and management of basic economic holding in the study area will undoubtly of primary importance to boost agricultural production, productivity and profitability thereby enhancing the productive employment and well-being of farm families.</p> 2022-04-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Managerial Science A Nanotechnology Foresight Perspective for South Africa 2022-03-09T10:54:29+00:00 Abeer Mohamed Abdel Razek Youssef <p>This study aims to apply nanotechnology in industry and its impact on economic growth and sustainable development, creating job opportunities and reducing unemployment and poverty in society. From this perspective, one way of sustainable development is to pay attention to economic progress in the context of new technologies, especially nanotechnology. &nbsp;Nanotechnology is an important tool for addressing urban sustainability challenges, including climate change, water pollution, access to healthy food and public safety. It is a deep scientific horizon with high potential in the production of products and the processing of new technologies, where new technologies are evidence of the political, civic, economic, and social empowerment that are all building blocks, both for global goals and for grandiose visions and expectations for prosperity.</p> 2022-04-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Managerial Science Awareness Study of Personal Financial Planning among the Households in Sattur Town, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu 2022-03-24T09:28:37+00:00 V. Muthulakshmi M. Jaisun <p>“How is that people are motivated to go to a doctor but not motivated to go to a financial counselor, if individuals are ultimately responsible for their own financial health” (Bowditch, 2005). The above quote touches an important aspect of individual financial planning behavior i.e., the lack of motivation to engage in personal financial planning. This observation prompted the researcher’s interest in studying the individual financial behavior as personal financial planning is becoming increasingly important in academic world as well as in practical life. Financial awareness prepares an individual with the ability to understand, monitor, and use the financial resources effectively to enhance the well-being of one’s own self and also the economic security of the family. The understanding of financial needs allows one to know the financial structure and the related financial literacy level. The main objective of the study is to assess the awareness of personal financial planning among households in Sattur town. The questionnaire administered in this study measures the level of awareness about preparing financial planning and knowing the economic and social benefits of the same. The survey examines the respondents’ awareness about personal financial planning. The researcher prepares three questions to measure the level of awareness on respondents’ knowledge, skills and their views on socio economic benefits. To examine the range of awareness among households of Sattur town, three items are chosen viz, awareness on personal financial planning, perception levels, economic and social needs and their response was tabulated. The research concluded that though the study in the area of personal financial planning has recognized that general education significantly increases the investment, income and retirement savings, it may not prepare one with sufficient skill and knowledge for taking investment decisions. Only financial education at early stages of life i.e., at the school or college level, helps in promoting personal financial planning of households.</p> 2022-04-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Managerial Science Study on Human Resource Management Practices on Job Performance: With Special Reference to University Libraries in Sri Lanka 2022-04-23T04:08:01+00:00 S. Shanmugathasan A. Thirunavukkarasu <p>Human resources are the important assets of the organization to achieve its goals and objectives. To achieve overall operations, Human Resource Management Practices have become major role in the working area. The objective of the study is to identify the impact of human resource management practices on employees’ job performance in university libraries. The population of this study is all the Library Information Assistants of the all-state universities in Sri Lanka. Out of seventeen universities, only four state universities in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka were selected as sample for this study by the adoption of convenient sampling method. The questionnaire was administered to collect the data. The response rate was about 94% of total questionnaires distributed. SPSS was used for the data analysis. It was found that human resource management practices indicate significantly positive relationship between employees’ job performance in the university libraries in Sri Lanka. Each variables obtained this correlation scale such as Recruitment and selection (r = 0.496, p =0.000), Compensation (r=0.683, p=0.000), Training (r=0.690, p=0.000). In the regression analysis, it was revealed that there seems a significant impact between human resource management practices and employees’ job performance. Recruitment and selection (fi=0.267, p=0.022), compensation (fi =0.410, p =0.000), Training (fi=0.683, p = 0.000). There was a strong positive relationship obtained employees’ job performance and training (r = 0.690, p = 0.000) and minimum relationship obtained recruitment and selection (r = 0.496, p= 0.000). It can be concluded that recruitment and selection, compensation, and training impact on employees’ job performance of library information assistants of the university libraries in Sri Lanka. University libraries in Sri Lanka can improve whole universities’ performance, students’ satisfaction, and achieve the targeted performance.</p> 2022-04-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Asian Journal of Managerial Science