Agricultural Regionalization: Spatial Analysis of Crop Combination Regions


  • Shivraj Meena Assistant Professor, Geography, Department of College Education Government of Rajasthan, Rajasthan, India



Agricultural Regionalization, Crop Combination Regions, Maximum Positive Deviation, Dark Zone


Crop combination regions refer to the number or diversity of crops grown in a particular area during a specific interval of time [1]. These regions provide strong basis for agricultural regionalization. Developmental policies and other planning measures can be taken on the basis of these regions. This research paper is a case study and it is based on Land Record Circles. The method used for delineation of regions is Rafiullah’s maximum positive deviation method. Out of 11 LRC’s 10 are mono crop regions and the prominent crop is Bajra. The results of the paper are analyzed according to the climatic conditions of the study area. This is a semi-arid region and major part of it is a dark zone. So, the rain fed agriculture is done in the study area. The Bajra crop is produced on south west-monsoon.


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