The Effects of COVID 19 on Job Satisfaction among the Library Professionals in Delhi NCR, India


  • Shreya Yadav Junior Research Fellow, Department of Library and Information Science, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India
  • Nishant Kumar Pandey Junior Research Fellow, Department of Library and Information Science, Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Bihar, India



LIS Profession, Covid 19, Job Satisfaction, Job Security, Human Resources Development, Job Seeker, ICT


The main purpose of this study examines the Covid 19 situation effect on job Satisfaction among the library professional in Delhi and NCR. The some are many variables use in this study like a gender, age, designation, LIS professional Institutional affiliation, job satisfaction, Job security in organization, agreement with the dissatisfaction of job with their present employers, prime consideration while going for a job change etc. The total response generated 80 43 are male and 37 female, from the data analysis it emerged that very third professional in Delhi NCR enters in to LIS  profession by chance 54%  and 27%  by choice; more than 24  respondents have expressed their willingness to change their present employer, if given better opportunity. More than 30 % professional either fully or partly agree 24% that most of the LIS professionals Delhi and NCR are Current work station is good but, I am expecting library priority in organizations 8% dissatisfied with their employers. All these and many more areas have been explored, which reflect the aspects of job satisfaction and dissatisfaction among LIS professional in Delhi and NCR region.


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