Manifestation of Microplastics in Cat Chow under Microscopic Examination


  • Napas Rattayabundit Kasetsart University Laboratory School, Chatuchak, BKK, Thailand
  • Krisana Pokpun Kasetsart University Laboratory School, Chatuchak, BKK, Thailand



Microplastics, Cat Food, PET Constituent Parts


Microplastics content in pet food is a substantial alarm to the raising growth of microplastics in the green environment. In this present study, the existence of synthetic microplastics in cat nutrition samples was produced in Thailand. A total quantity of 50 cat food samples was analyzed to estimate the microplastics via food consumption. The dry and wet cat food samples, 25 of each of them were prepared by putting 80 ml of the sample in 80 ml of water. And the blend was kept in a microwave at 800 W for 3 minutes, mashed, and filtered by means of a 1 mm filter. A tablespoonful of these squashed samples was stored and chosen for analysis through the microscope with 100x enlargement power. The photographs of these trials were recorded by means of the cellular phone lens and were equated with the snapshots of PET constituent parts. Analytical approaches still need to be improved for the proper regaining of microplastics for quantitative evaluation. Thus, research on cat food is crucial to estimate microplastic consumption and lessen this exposure.


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