Design and Construction of Power Supply for Embedded System


  • D. G. Vyas Department of Physics, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan - 384 265, Gujarat, India



UPS, Power Supply, Embedded System, Regulation


In the present paper the Power Supply (PS) is designed and constructed for the microcontroller based Embedded System (ES). The microcontroller or digital based ES mostly required +5V/100mA regulated online UPS type power supply. This PS is especially designed for low power applications with less than 100mA. Most of the educational laboratory experiments, ES, Digital TTL based devices etc. needs +5V and current less than 100mA. The load characteristics and percentage of regulation for mains power ON and OFF conditions are found. The 3-terminal regulator IC is used.




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Vyas, D. G. (2012). Design and Construction of Power Supply for Embedded System. Asian Journal of Science and Applied Technology, 1(2), 24–27.