Fourier Transform Based Classification Aboriginal Algorithm


  • P. Senthil Associate Professor in MCA Computer Science, Kurinji College of Arts and Science, Tiruchirappalli,Tamil Nadu, India



Discrete Fourier Transform, Zernike moments, arrangement recognition, angel processing tools, Zernike adorable polynomials


Object apprehension and article acceptance are capital apparatus of every computer eyes system. Despite the top computational complication and added problems accompanying to after adherence and accuracy, Zernike moments of 2D images (ZMs) accept apparent animation if acclimated in article acceptance and accept been acclimated in various angel assay applications. In this work, we adduce a atypical adjustment for accretion ZMs via Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). Notably, this is the aboriginal algorithm that can accomplish ZMs up to acutely high orders accurately, e.g., it can be acclimated to accomplish ZMs for orders up to 1000 or even higher. Furthermore, the proposed adjustment is as well simpler and faster than the added methods due to the availability of FFT software and hardware. The accuracies and after adherence of ZMs computed via FFT accept been confirmed using the orthogonality property. We as well acquaint normalizing ZMs with Neumann agency if the image is anchored in a beyond grid, and blush angel about-face based on RGB normalization of the reconstructed images. Astonishingly, higher-order angel about-face abstracts appearance that the proposed methods are superior, both quantitatively and subjectively, compared to the q-recursive method.




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Senthil , P. (2017). Fourier Transform Based Classification Aboriginal Algorithm. Asian Journal of Science and Applied Technology, 6(1), 5–9.