The Economics of Euthanasia


  • M. Swathi P.G. Department of Legal Studies and Research, Department of Biotechnology



In Article 21 of the Indian Constitution read thus ‘No person shell be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law’. Many people believe that the fundamental right Article 21 the ‘Right to Life’ includes the ‘Right to die’ is also. The ‘Right to Die’ is a subject that includes euthanasia, it means a good death, right to die or mercy killing of a person by another to end his suffering and people to challenge the limits set by the Indian constitution. Euthanasia is nothing else but a permit or license to the medical professional for ending the life of a person in question. At the extreme ends of disagreement, advocates say euthanasia, also known as physician aid in dying, or physician assisted suicide, is a merciful method of death. At the other end are opponents of euthanasia, who may consider this method as a form of murder. The issue of euthanasia is likely to remain high on the medicolegal or ethical agendas of many countries in coming years.




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