Women’s Descriptions of Good Life


  • Salma Amin Rattani General Nursing Diploma Programme, School of Nursing, Aga Khan University, Karachi -748 001, Pakistan




Quality of Life, Gender Role, Mutually Satisfying Sexual Relationships, Personal Autonomy, Family Harmony


This study employed descriptive exploratory research design and through critical case sampling, thirty five women, representing three socio-economic scale; low, middle and upper strata, were enrolled in the study. Data was collected through interview guide and was analyzed through descriptive statistics. Results revealed that women defined characteristics of good life. Out of the twenty one characteristics, having basic needs (bread, safety, security and goal attainment) and not being worried was reported by all the participants (n = 35). Whereas, being treated fairly, being able to save for money the rainy days and both the sexes; male and female, being treated equally was reported by <10% of the participants. In conclusion, this study provides women’s perspective of indicators for good life. Thus it may guide directions to enhance their quality of life.


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