Land Tenure System in Jammu and Kashmir: Empirical Investigations from a Village in Kulgam District, Jammu and Kashmir, India


  • Aarif Malik Assistant Professor Department of Sociology, Government Degree College, Kulgam, Jammu and Kashmir, India



Land, Tenancy, Reform, Peasants


The agrarian system of the state has gone all the way through transformations from time to time under various leaderships and State interventions. Land tenure system of the state has witnessed a series of evolutions form tenancy and sharecropping practices to “land to the tiller” by state intervention from 1940s to 1970s. Before land reform measures the ownership of the land was confined by Kings in form of Jagirs and Muffis with state intervention tenants have got rights over the land which they were cultivating for Jagirdars and Muffis. After 1970s land reform measures agrarian system had witnessed tremendous changes in ownership and land use practices. The paper shall provide a detailed account of changing patterns of land tenure in the state


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