Using Poems in Learning English as a Foreign Language at the Secondary Level of Education in Bangladesh


  • Md. Mamunur Rashid Zaber Lecturer, Department of English, Green University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh
  • Mussarath Mehedi Assistant Teacher, Cambrian School and College, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Bangladesh, Foreign Language, NCTB Textbooks, Poems, Secondary Education


In Bangladesh, English is a compulsory subject at the secondary level, where it is taught and learned as a foreign language. Literary texts have long been used as a tool for it. Generally, two types of textbooks are used in classrooms at the secondary level: compulsory NCTB textbooks and Grammar books of various authors. The purpose of this research was to investigate the use of poetry in NCTB textbooks and its effects on the language learning process at the secondary level of education. This study also tried to find out the range and usability of the poems that are included in the textbook. For this study, data was collected from both the learners and the instructors of Secondary Level education through a set of questionnaires. Then the data was analyzed to find out the appropriateness, usability, understandability, and effectiveness of poems on the overall language learning process. Finally, this study attempted to explore the way out of the existing and probable obstacles to ensure the intended outcome of using poetry in learning English as a foreign language.


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