Rainfall Run Off Modeling Using Fuzzy Numbers


  • S. Vivek Assistant Professor, Dept of Civil Engineering, Sri Eshwar College Of Engineering, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
  • V. Priya Assistant Professor ,Dept of Civil Engineering, Dr.N.G.P. Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India




Rainfall, runoff, modeling


This paper proposes a new approach to predict the flow characteristic of the ungauged watershed. The selected study area has only one rain gauge station located near the Kundha bridge giving birth to considerable uncertainties in predicting the catchment flow. Application of fuzzy logic in prediction can minimize these uncertainties of the ungauged watershed. Fuzzy logic model helps to simulate the unknown relationship between the hydrological data and the catchment attributes. The research paper weighs soil type, land use, slope with fuzzy numbers. Finally, to obtain the runoff the comprehensive weight is multiplied with the rainfall data. The runoff thus obtained is used to create runoff map of the watershed. Natural break classification system is utilized to classify the runoff of the entire watershed. The model is validated with the water level records of the Kundha reservoir. This runoff map is valuable in landslide susceptibility analysis. This model not only serves for prediction but also prove to be an effective tool for further research.




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Vivek, S., & Priya, V. (2016). Rainfall Run Off Modeling Using Fuzzy Numbers. The Asian Review of Civil Engineering, 5(1), 8–12. https://doi.org/10.51983/tarce-2016.5.1.2226