Agro Informatics with Reference to Features, Functions and Emergence as a Discipline in Agricultural Sciences: An Analysis


  • P. K. Paul Executive Director, MCIS, Department of CIS, Information Scientist (Offg.), Raiganj University, India
  • R. R. Sinha Pro Vice-Chancellor (Asian Region), Commonwealth Vocational University, Kingdom of Tonga, Oceania
  • P. S. Aithal Vice Chancellor, Srinivas University, Karnataka, India
  • Ricardo Saavedra Director & Chair, International Inter-University Programs, Azteca University, México, North America
  • Bashiru Aremu Vice-Chancellor, Crown University, Intl. Chartered Inc. (CUICI) Argentina Campus, South America



Computing, IT, Agricultural Informatics, Agro ICT, Academics, Universities, Degrees, Interdisciplinary Sciences


There are many interdisciplinary subjects worldwide and this trend is growing rapidly. Among these subjects, one of the important is Agricultural Information Science. Information Science deals with the nature of Interdisciplinary Sciences and also falls under the category of Applied Sciences. The field is very much synonymously and treated as equal to Informatics in some countries. The branch therefore also called as Agro Informatics and consists with both practicing nature and as a field of study. The applications of IT and Computing in other subjects and areas led to the development of other subjects such as Bio Informatics, Geo Informatics, Health Informatics, etc. Agricultural Informatics is growing rapidly and emerging as a field internationally in many countries. IT and computing applications in different areas, sectors and subjects including societal areas are considered as Information Science. Thus, Agricultural Informatics is socially connected or touched. Thus, the applications of Computing including the latest technologies in agriculture and allied areas treated as Agricultural Informatics. Though it is the application of more than technologies and includes the techniques, methodologies, procedure, etc into Agriculture. Agricultural Informatics is the analysis, management and processing of agricultural data with the help of IT Systems. Agriculture is also an interdisciplinary field and responsible for cultivating or producing the food, feed, fiber, corn, various plants, vegetables including the domesticated animals with scientific methods. Agricultural Informatics is therefore an interdisciplinary area combines with both Agricultural Sciences and allied areas with IT & Computing. This paper is theoretical as well as conceptual in nature and deals with mainly various aspects of Agricultural Informatics viz. foundation, nature and characteristics, role and functions in detail. It also briefly explores about the stakeholders and technologies of Agro Informatics.


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