A Review of BIM based Inventory Management Workflow and Techniques


  • Aditya Mahajan School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Anil Kumar Chilakapati School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India




BIM Technology, Inventory Management Workflow, Inventory Turnover Times, Construction


The main objective of material management is to strategically plan the usage of materials, which is crucial for the construction sector. When producing material managing with the goal of fulfilling the demands of production and building. Materials should be kept to a minimum, and the amount of capital should be decreased. in order to choose the best manufacturing scenario and manage the inventory efficiently. In this situation, simulation offers a suitable method for quickly testing suggested scenarios. Building information modelling (BIM) offers a practical and comprehensive way of exchanging data among various contexts, which is necessary for simulation models. Thus, the information extrapolated from the BIM model is used in this study to propose a mix of discrete-event and continuous simulation that simplifies inventory management for large scale construction. This strategy creates a schedule and guarantees consistency and efficiency of the workflow. This research will provide a brief overview of the inventory management process in order to give some insight into why these techniques are so necessary. We’ll also talk about various ways that inventories can be managed and review some of the popular BIM-based RDBMS systems (Relational Database Management System) on the market. The compression of different types of inventory management workflow concludes that a more efficient work process, increased activity, and less input time and burden compared to a management system without BIM. These results showed that construction project management performed better under the suggested BIM-based approach.


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