The Asian Review of Civil Engineering <p>The Asian Review of Civil Engineering is a half-yearly, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original theoretical papers, applied papers, review papers, and case studies on all fields of civil engineering.</p> en-US (S.Saroshkumar) (Ms. S. Sukanya) Wed, 26 Oct 2022 07:04:06 +0000 OJS 60 Economically Prudent Design (EPC) of Outrigger-Based Structural Systems <p>As the construction of mega-tall buildings in all major cities around the world accelerates, the seismic risk associated with them also rises. Hence study on the response of tall buildings to earthquake loads is gaining significant importance. Outrigger tall buildings are one of the most common structural structures because they are simple to construct, cost-effective, and have significant lateral stiffness. Therefore, this research explores a structural outrigger system for high-rise buildings to analyze the output of a system by changing the place of outrigger positions. Dynamic research was performed in accordance with IS 1893, the response spectrum and time of California’s most recent earthquakes. The parameters discussed are lateral displacements, inter-storey drifts for static analysis, and base force, displacement, and spectral acceleration for dynamic analysis. From the analyzed results, it was found that an outrigger when located at H0/H=0.6 causes a maximum reduction in the lateral displacement. Hence outrigger located at H0/H=0.6 is the desired location to provide an outrigger in a structural system and could act as an initial economical prudent design solution in the construction of tall buildings with outriggers. Time history analysis shows that the reduction is maximum when the outrigger is located at H0/H=0.9 for LA03, H0/H=0.85 for LA06 H0/H=1.0 for LA14.</p> Sachin Kuckian, Hussin Yahia Copyright (c) 2022 The Asian Review of Civil Engineering Fri, 28 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000