Application Deployment Automation by Streamlining CI/CD Pipelines


  • Upasana Ameta Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • Ruchi Vyas Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India



Tektone, Continuous Integration (CI), Kubernetes, Continuous Deployment (CD)


Conceptualize a scenario where the development, actions, quality affirmation, and information surveillance teams collaborate with the product owners to guarantee that the organisation achieves its goals for profitability, security, and cost-cutting. Together, they achieve world-class stability, reliability, availability, and security while conducting multiple number of code deployments each day. This enables the quick progress of planned work into creation.  The testing of apps and InfoSec operations only take place at the conclusion of a project when it is too late to make any corrections. Development and IT Operations are adversaries in our environment. If any problems are found, and nearly every important task requires excessive amounts of backbreaking labour and handoffs, keeping us waiting all the while. The work quality, particularly the deployment of product, is challenging and disordered as a result, which has an adverse effect on customers and the business. This not only adds to the extraordinarily long lead times for getting anything done. As a result, there is lack of goals, and the whole company is dissatisfied with developers’ performance, which leads to decrement in budget and frustrated workers feel incapable to modify the scenario and its results. The major objective is to build a platform for developers that can compile, test and run the application with the least specifications and configurations and also conceptualize the piece of deployment with a more relaxed architecture and a small learning period so that developers can take full advantage of multiple platforms available as a cloud service without any inconvenience.


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