Comparative Study of Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) in Digital Era


  • Mahesh Hembram Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, West Bengal, India



Content Management System (CSM), Web Content Management System (WCMS), Open Source Software, Word Press


Content Management System (CMS) is the software that can be used to organize, control or manage contents of a website. The data can include texts, links, images, videos, HTML documents and other form of media. The CMS can be free open source software where it can be downloaded and installed free of cost or sometimes it may be a paid depending upon the packages of the software. The reason for the paid software is that some annual maintenance may be needed in future and to upgrade the software. Three basic CMS software Open source, Proprietary and Software as a service has been discussed with their platform of application and supported databases. It was found that this soft ware has used different types of platforms to integrate the software. The installation process of one of the free open source software WordPress also has been discussed in this topic. The purpose of the CMS is to help users to best design their websites. The aim of the study is to comparatively study the features and perspectives of different content management systems. Research and review methodology has been adapted to retrieve the contents for the above title. It was found that maximum number of CMS database used PHP or JAVA platform to design the soft ware and few CMS soft ware used other platforms like ASP.NET, PERL, PYTHON, C++ and others to design the software.


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