Aims and Scope

Asian Journal of Electrical Sciences is a half-yearly, double blind peer-reviewed, gold open access journal aiming at promoting and publishing original high-quality research in all disciplines of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Science and Engineering. The Journal stresses on academic excellence, research rigidity, knowledge distribution, and reciprocated scholarly efforts to endorse theoretical, experimental, and practical research at the Global level.

The journal's focus encompasses novel theories, designs, and applications within Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Computer Science. It delves into various domains including applied electromagnetics, big data analytics, bioinformatics, and biomedical engineering, with a specific emphasis on biomedical technology and instrumentation. Exploration extends to blockchain applications, cloud computing, cognitive systems, computer vision, and control engineering. It encompasses diverse aspects such as robotics, automation, data analysis, database management systems, and digital image processing. Additionally, it encompasses electric vehicles, embedded systems, environmental sustainability, and industrial applications. Information and communication technologies, along with safety-related systems, information theory, and security, are integral to its scope, as is the Internet of Things and language processing. Machine learning, mechatronics, network science, and parallel computing are explored alongside power and energy systems. The journal covers topics like antenna systems, microwave, radar, and sonar systems, ensuring the reliability and safety of electronic devices, and advancements in sensor technology. It also addresses signal, image, and video processing, smart grid technologies, software engineering, and theoretical aspects of electrical engineering and computer science, including wearable technologies and wired, wireless, and optical communication systems.