E-Learning: A State-of-the-Art Education System in Modern India


  • Sharbani Chattopadhyay Assistant Professor, Maheshtala College, Kolkata, West Bengal, India




Education, E-Learning, E-Book, Mobile Learning


Education system of India is gradually developing. We can see huge difference between ancient and modern education system. In ancient time students used go to the houses of their teachers and acquired knowledge. After that, educational institutions/ centres were established and teachers and students went there for teaching and learning. But in very recent times in the prevailing Covid-19 situation method of e-learning hasbecome a very important and unavoidable part of our education system. Education system hasbeen going mainly through online today at this Covid-19 affected India utilizing many tools and media for online education.We are hopeful that after this pandemic situation the blendedsystem of educationusing both offline and online modes will help India to acquire a respectable position in the world.


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