A Novel Shaped Four Port MIMO Antenna for Wireless Communication


  • Sukla Basu Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Kalyani Government Engineering College, Kalyani, West Bengal, India




Antenna, MIMO Antenna, 2.4 GHz Antenna, Rectangular Patch Antenna, ECC, DG, MEG


This paper presents a compact novel shaped  micro strip line fed four element Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna for wireless application at 2.4 GHz. Four vertically oriented identical rectangular patch antennas are used  to form a hollow cylinder of rectangular cross section. The direction of radiation of each antenna is thus oriented at 900 with respect to its two adjacent antennas providing good isolation between adjacent antennas in this compact MIMO system. Each antenna element has the dimensions of 0.30λx0.38λx0.012λ. The whole MIMO antenna has the outer dimensions of 0.38λx0.38λx0.30λ. The uniqueness of the proposed MIMO antenna is that the inner space of the hollow cylindrical structure can be used for hosting the associated signal processing unit of the whole system. Performance parameters of the proposed MIMO antenna are investigated using Computer Simulation Technology (CST). Envelope Correlation Coefficient (ECC) less than 0.033 and almost 10dB Diversity Gain (DG) are obtained at 2.4 GHz for this simple and compact antenna system. Ratio of Mean Effective Gain (MEG) of any two antennas is less than 0.02dB. Performance parameters of the proposed MIMO antenna system are compared with similar types of antennas found in recent literature.


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