The Role of Social Media Technology in the Library: A Study


  • Virendrakumar S. Goswami Research Scholar, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan, Gujarat, India
  • Vaidehi C. Pandya Librarian, Law College, Himatnagar, Gujarat, India



Web 2.0, Social Media, Social Media Technology, Library, Academic Library


Social media has a significant influence on allowing paradigm shifts in the way we interact and distribute information. It provides a bunch of internet-based applications and platforms that promote and facilitate information exchange. Libraries may utilise social media to interact with their patrons and provide improved service delivery. Social media has the ability to build significantly stronger links between libraries and their patrons, regardless of where users are located or how they learn about and use library services and resources. Social Media Technology (SMT) has created new doors for libraries and library users all across the world.


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