Scientometrics Analysis on Water Treatment During 2011 to 2020


  • R. Jayapriya Assistant Librarian, University College of Engineering, Panruti, Tamil Nadu, India



Water Treatment, Scientometrics, Relative Rate of Growth, Doubling Time and Zipf’s Law


The present study examines the Scientometrics Analysis on Water Treatment during 2011 To 2020. The data were collected from the Scopus database and 7582 records are retrieved within the scientometric study. Mostly published articles in 2020 within 1079 (14.23%) records are highest during the ten years periods. The RGR was 0.73 in 2012 which declined up to 0.15 within 2020. A mean RGR of 1.79 might be deduced for the study period. The general mean DT was 1.79. Top ten ranking of Prolific Authors of Water Treatment Research within 10 author’s highest number of articles from the Wang, C and most citation who contributed 50 articles. The Ranking wise Subject Areas ecology with 7013 records (28.28%) is top most level followed by second ranked as on Engineer, 5200 (20.97%), Chemical Engineering, 3006 (12.12%) scored as a 3rd rank.


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